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Bag Pipes with Government Tartan

Here we offer Bag Pipes to a Highland Regiment, possibly the Royal Highlanders of Canada or the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada. Not possible to date these, but likely 1945 onward. Great for display, the bag is dried out and stiff, but this helps them stand up in a showcase. The pipes are all present and have not been tested. There are spare parts and a canter included. No box.

Code: 50629


Brass Canadian Trench Art vessel

A very clever trench art example made into a vessel for flowers, or kitchen wear or maybe a candle. Constructed of 3 x .303 deactivated cartridges and a small caliber mountain gun shell casing, with a generic Canada cap badge welded to one side and bullets as finishing points. About 5" tall.

Code: 50628

160.00 CAD

9th Voltiguer De Quebec Shako

Unlike many rifle regiments, the 9th Voltiguer used the green rifle shako for many years well into the 20th Century, while other units replaced them in the 1870s with a busby. This example was probably issued turn of the century (c.1900) based on the maker label, but later refurbished in the 1960s for parade use. All of the original leather detailing has been replaced with black shiny vinyl, even the peak looks new. The body however, shows to be much older with its original leather liner, now loose. The cloth is un-mothed, in good shape, it has a nice set of green cock feathers on the front crown, an original Victorian badge in black on the front backed with red cloth and a replaced chin strap. It displays well with the units mark inside the shell. A very affordable Shako, as earlier examples are more rare and expensive.

Code: 50624

875.00 CAD

82nd Canadian Militia Bn White Overseas Helmet 1876

Here is a nice example of a period 1898 dated 4 panel helmet in white blanko with a helmet plate to the 82nd Canadian Militia Bn. This is a hand-me-down from the British Army, originally marked to the Royal Artillery, rebadged and marked WD 1898. The embossed rosettes and brass chin scale are missing, but the proper vented cap sits on the crown of the helmet as for field wear. Condition wise the lining and the liner show a lot of honest wear, all original to the helmet. The body shows lots of use with the white blanko finish flaked off in numerous locations, there is some damage to the front crown cork inner body showing a bit of distortion in the shape at the front of the crown vent cap. Probably dropped on its crown once too often, but does not take away from the overall shape. These period helmets fetch ridiculous money in the UK, here is one to fill a void in a collection at a reasonable price.

If you want a Boer War dated Helmet this is it. If you have a South Africa issue Khaki helmet cover, put it on without the badge and you have the perfect dated example.

Code: 50623


Winnipeg Rifles Busby c.1906

A really nice Winnipeg Rifles wedge style Busby issued around 1906 with its correct plume. No mothing on the crown, nice supple material with the correct rope knot superimposed on the cap exterior, the fur in great condition, not dried out and shedding. Labeled to Hobson & Sons maker. The liner in good condition.

Code: 50622

575.00 CAD

Royal Canadian Artillery Wolseley Helmet with George V badge

Here we offer a nice condition RCA Pre WWI OR Wolseley helmet circa 1911. This maybe an NCO version with the more decorative floral base to the finial. Nice clean white finish with a tea coloured stain on the left side that should clean off. The correct Artillery ball is mounted to the crown with brass chin scales in place. Liner in nice shape with Scully label on the crown. Shows period wear with blanko coat and some separation of the green liner on the outer edges of the underside of the visor. A prime example of this pattern of helmet transition.

Code: 50621

600.00 CAD

14th Princess of Wales Own Rifles NCO1876 Rifle Green Home Service Helmet

Here we offer one of the more rare coloured rifle Bn helmets from the Victorian era to a NCO of the 14th POWR. A beautiful un mothed green cloth finish with the correct helmet plate in black, some of the black paint worn off in some areas showing honest wear. It has the proper original black painted hardware and chin scales. The leather liner is present, but the silk lining has deteriorated with only scraps left. A nice example that could use a bit of cleaning. Suspect it to be a Senior NCO due to the quality upgrades to the shell, but still an OR pattern with the leather trimmed peak and blackened hardware.

Code: 50620

1450.00 CAD

WWI Wolseley Helmet with Artillery Flash

A good example of the Khaki Wolseley Helmet issued to Canadian troops during WWI and worn in training in places like Camp Val Cartier. It is complete with its pugaree and blue/red Artillery flash on the side. The cork helmet is in good sound condition maintaining its shape, with minor water stains and expected soiling, with its original leather trim mostly in tact, with some rubs and nicks. the original chin strap is in place and the original liner is in great shape. The interior has several markings including the size stamp 22 1/2 and unreadable company label, C broad arrow stamped, with the members name GH McGee of the 105th Battery. There is a black ink stain that erased another owners name, Steward, typical as these helmets were reissued. There is a layer of kappo on the helmet giving it a dusty green look. A beautiful example with provenance. The name of the individual can be researched further. A must have to complete a WWI headgear collection.

Code: 50496

400.00 CAD

Major General Rutherford Bicorn and Insignia with Documents

Here we offer some of the belongings of MGen Robert William Rutherford who was the Commander of the 6th Canadian Division during the first World War and a regular force Artillery Captain during the Northwest Rebellion. He was also a noted artist with several well known works depicting military historical events that are note worthy.

MGen RW Rutherford was born Aug 21, 1857 and attended the Royal Military School in Halifax, graduating in 1877. He was an Officer in the Canadian Regular Permanent Militia 1877 to 1885 stationed in Halfax, Kingston and Ottawa. He was in Col Otter's Column during the 1885 Rebellion. He was a Capt in "B" Battery Royal Canadian Artillery on this campaign. He was Mentioned in Dispatches for distinguished service at Cut Knife Hill and in Operations against Chief Big Bears' band. He was later promoted Major in 1896, LCol in 1905 and Col in 1907. He was Commandant of the Royal School of Artillery from No 15 1907 to Mar 31, 1908 and then appointed Master General of Ordnance and Colonial Militia Staff in Apr 1908. He was later appointed Commanding Officer of the 6th Divisional Area in 1913 and promoted Major General Dec 23, 1914 until his retirement Mar 31, 1916. He died Jan 5, 1933 at 75 and is buried in Cataraqui Cemetery.

Included in the collection are a girth of documents, both official and personal correspondence, military documentation, original art work and scrap books, his General's insignia and his bicorn. Although the tin reads Colonel Rutherford, the bicorn, in mint condition, was modified with General rank braid. The General rank feathers are in good condition and come with their tin as well, but the stem is short making mounting a little difficult, but doable. Unfortunately his medals are not included, There is a photocopy of his picture included. He was most famous for his painting called "the Surrender of Poundmaker", painted in 1887, shown here, but not included.

Code: 50616

2500.00 CAD

An Early French Cavalry breast plate

Here is a French Cavalry breast armour plate dated 1830. A great piece to decorate your castle walls. Hang it and put two sword through the arms and neck to bring panache to your lavish estate, make your home looks like a manner of the elite.

Seriously, a nice example of popular French and European Armour that was used from as early as the 15th Century to the end of the First World War. This particular piece is clearly marked, no rust, no dents, no test shots, all the brass studs present. It has a nice pleasant overall dark patina with the bright brass studs. The back plate with the chain hooks is missing. An affordable piece to enhance a sword or headgear collection as backdrop.

Due to the weight I prefer to sell this to someone local for pickup. The shipping cost will be substantial and difficult.

Code: 50618