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1876 Officer's Binocular Case

Offered here is one of the rarest pieces of NWMP kit. The set includes the pouch with Officers gilt badge and brown leather shoulder belt with adjustable brass shoulder buckle. The badge is anchored properly with its original nuts and has a distinct foot print into the leather surface suggesting it has been there forever. The gilt leafed anchors on either side of the pouch have two swivel loops to feed the shoulder belt though to wear on the left shoulder, the binocular case resting on the lower back. The case lid is secured shut with a securing strap buttoned to contain the binos in their pouch when riding or running. It is worn mounted or dismounted, set comfortably to allow it to drop to the side for ease of access to the optics.

There are a few minor issues with this example, first the leather face suffers minor cracks and the thread for the leather hinge holding the leather lid to its leather case have rotted away as a result of poor climate controls, secondly the red liner is no longer tight to the body of the inside of the pouch, needing some conservation. Otherwise, this example is in very good condition and could be displayed on a tunic. A very hard piece of kit to find and an acceptable, rare, fine example. Binoculars are not included.

Code: 50206


Headdress of the Canadian Mounted Police 1873 - 2000

A must have reference book for any serious Mounty Collector written by J. Boulton. An important and thorough reference book full of photos, in great condition.

Code: 50261

25.00 CAD

An RCMP Pewter Plaque for gifts or presentations

A typical modern plaque made of pewter, unused with its original hanger, an unused metal plaque to inscribe and bottom box. Good for display or as a gift.

Code: 50260


Royal Irish Constabulary Badge of Merit Award

These badges were instituted in the 1840s specifically for the RIC. This is a rare silver badge often accompanied with a chevron with a name and date of the recipient or the name on the obverse of the badge. These badges are given to Constables for great deeds of courage in the line of duty, examples include; saving lives from drowning or action in battle with rebels. This particular example is not marked to anyone and it has a breast pin for wear on a tunic, rather than mounted using lugs on a piece of black leather. It appears the device may have had lugs at one time with faint marks or footprints at the twelve, six and nine o'clock points on the reverse. These badge have been sold at auction for $2000 or more named. This one is priced as an unnamed example.

Code: 50259


NWMP Dress Sword Belt buckle 1876

Offered here is a NWMP Sword belt c.1876. Later patterns would be far more ornate, this pattern has two bullion stripes top and bottom on a brown leather belt. The two piece spoon buckle has an outer ring that reads "NW Mounted Police Canada" the locking half of the buckle having an attached badge of the shaggy buffalo head on an all gilt background. This buckle is numbered 16 on both parts. There is a backing flap behind the body of the buckle to highlight the item and protect the scarlet tunic from the brass.

The rest of the belt furniture i s missing and parts of the belt backing are unstitched or repaired in spots wear the parts were removed. This purchase is all about the buckle and the belt pattern. A handsome and a rare accoutrement, ideal for displaying with other insignia under glass due to its not having the cumbersome sword straps. A rare item.

Code: 50209


RCMP early brass cylinder paper weight with badge

A very unique oddity for those that like items from the force considered curios. It measures 2" in diameter and about 1.5" deep. It is likely filled with lead to give it weight. A neat item.

Code: 50243


NWMP 1886 Full Dress Scarlet Uniform

We offer here an excellent opportunity to own the Officer's full dress 1886 pattern uniform of the NWMP in text book form. It meets all the criteria of the pattern authorized for the force with Victorian buttons dating it pre 1901. The tunic has no owners label or manufacturer tab, but is a privately tailored full dress tunic showing minor use.

The fine wool scarlet tunic has 8 x large NWMP gilt buttons with Victorian crowns dating the tunic pre 1901. The manufacturer stamped into the back of the button is "Maynard & Harris Co., London", a well known supplier of these uniforms of the period. The lining of the tunic is a scarlet linen with appropriate quilted padding on the inner chest and scarlet lining in the sleeves, all in good condition with minor wear. There is an inner left breast pocket. The wool surface suffers some minor moth nips and tracking on the sleeves and skirt, with a moth hole on the rear right shoulder the sizes of a pea, with a minor repair scarlet backing. Otherwise, a brilliant colour with no fading due to its storage out of sunlight. An outer watch fob pocket is found in the seam at the front waist, to be hidden by the belt.

The tunic is trimmed with a gilt wire cord or piping along the skirts, the front fly and the bottom of the collar as per regulations. The collar has a 3/4" gilt lace along the top and the front corner with silver bullion pips on each side indicating the rank of Inspector. The cuffs and collar are left scarlet as facing colours. Blue was not adopted until the Royal designation was given the force. The cuff are adorned with gilt wire Austrian knots as per regulations and as tradition for Army Dragoons or Mounted Infantry.

The Shoulder boards are of a cavalry pattern in gilt bullion cord on a red epaulet as per regulations for the force. The rank would not move to the epaulet until the introduction of collar dogs in 1900.

This is a very beautiful example of the dress uniform, perfect in its construction and exact to the described pattern in Boulton's book "Uniforms of the Canadian Mounted Force". A piece for the serious collector.

Code: 50242


1876 Officers' Bullion Cartouche Pouch and Brocade Shoulder Belt

Offered here is another very rare and desirable artifact of the NWMP, the Officer's Cartouche Pouch. This item is another customary piece of equipment worn by the Military, at first designed to carry ammunition, later a more decorative device. The Canadian Militia cavalry were reformed and dressed as Hussars in the 1860s into the early 1870s. As a para military mounted force the NWMP adopted the Hussar uniform as well. Hussars in Britain wore Cartouche Pouches in fancy embroidered bullion thread insignia, usually very lush and expensive. The Hussars were considered the dandies of the Cavalry and dressed to kill. Thus it makes sense that the Mounties would adopt a similar form of dress and its accoutrement.

This example shows age wear and a bit of soiling expected of an item over 150 years old, but its is in great condition, the bullion is tight and in good form, the lace is bright and remains in good shape along with the royal blue velvet backing. The leather is supple and in good condition, the flap is firm and opens without the potential for breaking off. The fastener tab is present and works. The side swivel fittings for the belt are original and complete. The brown shoulder belt is in good condition overall, shows age wear, but functional and supple. The gilt buckle set on the belt are in great shape and the tabs ends are not torn and fit the pouch swivel loops. The gilt lace on the belt is come away from the leather in some places, but otherwise tight and lightly soiled or tarnished. This lace is the earlier pattern worn with the early 1876 Hussar style uniform.

One of the most attractive pieces of NWMP kit worn by officers and a masterpiece of craftsmanship. An early version of this item in fine condition. A must have for the serious collector.

Code: 50207


RCMP King's Crown Cap Badge Set

A standard RCMP Kings Crown Matching Badge Set. All lugs present and nice condition.

Code: 50241


RCMP Spurs with leather tabs and chains

This set of spurs are unmarked and include the bottom chains and top brown leather tabs in good condition, nickel spurs with a dull metallic finish. Probably mid 20th Century set ready to use. Could be used by local mounted police as well.

Code: 50240

130.00 CAD