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1856 British Infantry Pioneer Saw Back Sword

Offered here is an original British Army 1856 Pioneer Sword worn by Infantry Pioneers. This was a weapon and tool in one. It is not a bayonet, but a sword hanger worn by other ranks with the role of pioneer in an Infantry Battalion. The saw back was considered a proper tool for cutting, but such a tool could cause horrific injury to an enemy. In World War one the German soldiers had saw back bayonets and anyone found with one were given a good work over if taken prisoner. No one could survive a thrust with such a weapon.

This particular example is in overall good condition with its proper black leather scabbard and brass fittings, the throat piece is unit marked. The blade is in good condition, with some minor pitting near the hilt and some scratches, but well marked and undamaged. The blade is etched Wilkinson London 1899 with proper inspector and ordnance marks. The brass hilt is in good condition and firm. A great example of a specialist weapon/tool, used by Canadian Militia as well.

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560.00 CAD

Brass Trench Art Scoop

Here is a typical innovative piece of brass trench art made from a shell casing providing some utility as a scoop. welded to the side is a grenade with the title for the Royal Scotts Fusiliers. The grenade sits beneath a cut out thistle, a good Scottish theme. Approx 9' long and 2.5" in diameter.

Code: 50627

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Antique Brown Bess India Pattern .75 Cal Musket with Bayonet

Here we have a classic Brown Bess Musket c.1800 with a swan neck cock. It has a beautiful original wood finish with all brass components with a nice luster and patina. The lock has a nice dark finish with the GR and Tower marks clearly stamped, and the barrel with a pleasant brown finish and decent bore. Inspector marks are on the barrel and on the butt. The lock works well, nice and tight. The swivels and original ram rod present. An overall good example of this classic firearm of the Napoleonic wars and the War of 1812.

Code: 50626

2850.00 CAD

Antique .577 Snider Enfield Mk III three Band Contract Rifle for Volunteers with Socket Bayonet

Offered here is a nice clean example of a three band Snider Mk III marked Thomas Turner, Fisher St, Birmingham c.1871. Nice wood finish, with checkered fore grip and hand grip, faint Government stamped in the butt that suffers a bit of bleaching in the finish around the brass plate. The lock plate has some damage to the rear and is well stamped with a maker address and the barrel has proof marks. All brass components with with a nice patina, all steel barrel and parts with most of if its original finish. The barrel rifling is decent and the action is tight, in working order as is the rear sight. The bayonet is marked, but no scabbard, fits well. Over all a nice example of a Volunteer issue rifle.

Code: 50625

1300.00 CAD

A "Blitz" Baby Gas Mask circa 1940

We offer here a very unique piece of Battle of Britain history associated with the bombings of London. One of the great fears at that time was that the Germans would use gas on the population. Everyone in the civilian population was issued a gas mask just in case, this included masks for babies and horses.

The idea was to put the child in the protective rubberized bag and then the bottom would be tucked in like a diaper to hold and secure the child in the dome. The parent then had to use the accordion like pump on the side to provide filtered fresh air for the child. The dome was provided a clear plastic window to allow the parent to monitor the child in the container. The rubberized body is in good supple condition, the straps are present, the pump remains flexible, but the filter frame is partially corroded, the aluminum frame is sound.

A kind of macabre device, but very interesting piece of equipment that allows some protection afforded an infant in such a ghastly situation. These are not common and a must have for a gas mask collector or a collector of Battle of Britain memorabilia. A cool addition.

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1869 Officer's Shako Plate to the 100th Foot

A beautiful 1869 100th Foot Officer Shako plate with all of its gilding and with its original lugs.

Code: 50614

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Naval General Service Medal (1793-1840) - with Trafalgar Bar

Benjamin Sadler was born in County Salop, Parish Hales Owen and enlisted at Birmingham with trade experience as a nailor. He was attested 30 Dec 1800 with the Plymouth Division Royal Marines (RM) at the age of 19. He served with the 96th Coy RM serving on the 74 gun "H.M.S. SPARTIATE" for the period 1 Sep 1805 to 28 Feb 1806 as shown on the Ships Muster under entry number 41.

HMS SPARTIATE was present at the Battle of Trafalgar 31 Oct 1805 suffering 5 killed and 20 wounded during the fight. of the 20,901 NGS issued only 121 were for Royal Marines. A rare medal to a great battle.

Benjamin also served with 115 Coy Plymouth Division RM and was struck off the roles 6 Oct 1815 due to old wounds sustained during his service. It is unclear which battle these wounds may have occurred or if they were the result of an accident on board or even from harsh discipline he may have suffered.

This medal was purchased 20 to 30 years ago by a Canadian Collector. Possibly it was purchased from Spinks. After more research it was found that although the owner here in Canada had the same name sake, Sadler, The family was in no way related. The medal changed hands one more time to a very serious long time medal collector in Toronto who passed last year, my current client. Hence it is now on the market once more.

Code: 50613

On Hold

The Royal Rifle Brigade Officer's Shoulder Belt and Cartouch Pouch

A nice example of a Rifle Brigade cross belt with pouch for an officer. The Badge has a kings crown and Battle Honours ending with "Pyrennes", dating the piece to about 1902 to 1905. The whistle and pouch badge are silver hallmarked by Jennens & Co in Birmingham.

Code: 50438

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Gunner's Bullion Full Dress 2nd Class Proficiency Badge

This is a typical Artillery Gunner Proficiency badge worn by 2nd place gunners. Without the Star would be 3rd prize and with a crown instead it would be 1st prize. After the war this badge became simply a Gunnery Instructor Badge without the star or crown. I believe this example to be pre WWI by the backing. Its in excellent unissued condition.

Code: 50608


Victorian Volunteer Battery Sergeant Major Insignia

Here we have a classic set of Victorian volunteer Royal Artillery bullion rank insignia for a Battery Sergeant Major. The Sargent stripes are silver tape sewn to a crimson field for the right upper sleeve. The gun carriage that top off this insignia has a Victorian crown above with some silver bullion thread to indicate Volunteer status. The gun badge with some moth damage, and the stripes with some glued paper to the obverse, priced accordingly.

Code: 50607