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1849 Pocket Navy Colt 5 chamber .31 Cal Pistol (99352)

Here we have a nice clean Colt Pocket with its brown leather holster. Its 5" octagonal barrel is in good condition with crisp rifling and a clear address marking. The silvered brass strap has about 45% of its original finish and the wood grips are in good condition with original stain, but a slight dent on the left side. The serial numbers are matching, the wedge is unknown. The action is tight and crisp. The overall finish is about 75% with a nice patina and the cylinder image is very clearly defined, better than most. The holster fits like a glove and is soft and pliable, with its original stud closure. Part of the seam has come unstitched on the side, but otherwise in great shape. A nice set for a classic Colt pistol.

Code: 50291

2500.00 CAD

Antique Model 1878 Colt Frontier 6 Shooter (578)

Here we offer an antique Double Action (DA) .45 Cal Colt Frontier Pistol typical of the type used in the wild west by cowboys, lawmen and the like in the late 1870s early 80s. A beautiful original finish with excellent checkered wood grips. Very little wear to the body, 90% bluing, still retaining its lanyard loop. There is some damage on the shoulder in front of the trigger guard both sides and some scratches around the screws. Looks like someone put the pistol in a vice to try to repair it and did some minor damage. As good as it looks overall, there are issues, these pistols are notorious for breaking mechanically due to wear and tear. This example is broken and although the hammer can half and full cock, its double action is dysfunctional, slipping on every trigger pull. These pistols are almost impossible to repair due to a lack of parts availability. This is a model that did not have a long life on the market. It is price accordingly.

This is an antique hand gun and does not require a PAL. This particular model is considered an antique black powder cartridge hand gun and is not designed to fire modern ammunition.

Code: 50289


WM Marston Model 1864 - 3 Barrel Deringer

An interesting antique hand gun with a complex rim firing mechanism. Nice mustard coloured frame with fine wood grip. Short barrels are rifled, but for about 1" of its length. The mechanism on this example is broken, the hammer essentially climbs from one chamber to the next each time the hammer is cocked. This action no longer functions and the hammer does not cock. A 1 for condition, it makes a nice display piece as a unique type of antique hand gun you might find in a gamblers pocket on a river boat on the Mississippi in the 1870s. Priced accordingly.

This is an antique hand gun and does not require a PAL.

Code: 50288


1860 Colt Army .44 Cal US Army Issue (76128)

Offered here is an original 1860 Colt Model Army issued to US Cavalry and other troops. Martially marked it rates a 2 on the Antique quality scale. It is .44 Cal with a 3 screw frame, brass trigger guard with inspector marks on the frame and cartouche on both the right and left side of the grip. A nice overall patina, functional mechanism and reasonable good 8" barrel. The original finish is mostly gone from the barrel, with some blueing left on the frame. Steel strap with original wood grips in good condition, the left side having a noticeable surface scratch. Matching serial numbers and readable address on the barrel. A nice solid representative antique pistol from the Civil War. A staple for those collectors interested in that conflict.

This is an antique hand gun and does not require a PAL.

Code: 50286

3160.00 CAD

1848 1st Model Colt Dragoon Pistol (Serial 5724)

The Colt Dragoon is a rare antique model and can fetch upwards of six figures for a mint example. We are offering here an original Colt Dragoon, but in the lower grade of quality. That said, the positives of this antique outweigh the negatives, making it a decent inexpensive buy to acquire an example. First, all the parts are matching numbers, including the barrel, frame and cylinder. The action still functions, including the half and full cock, with a working trigger. The grip is proper, fits well and is without damage. The negatives are as follows: The wedge spring is broken and therefore loose; The cylinder image is gone, but the serial number remains; The 7.5" barrel is rough and pitted, but not a complete right off, rifling is still visible; The Colt Address is obliterated and unreadable; and the frame and cylinder are re-blued.

My take on this gun is that it was found in very bad condition and was cleaned up removing all the corrosion and removing the detailing and finish. There is obvious indication of severe corrosion around the nipples and the hammer aperture that prove my point. Very difficult to clean these two areas. Once sanded off, pitting was filled and the old gun re-blued. Fortunately the mechanism still works. In summary it is not collector grade in the true sense of the word, but they are so rare and expensive this damage makes this example affordable to most of us average collectors.

This is an antique hand gun and does not require a PAL.

Code: 50285

12500.00 CAD

Spanish Kit Bag Flag c.1899

During the Spanish American War the Spanish Army issued every soldier a regimental flag to hang above his bunk or off his kit bag on the march. It was a patriotic and moral boosting accoutrement. This particular flag was issued to soldiers of the 30th Chasseurs Battalion of Alfonso XIII, 1898. This unit fought at the earthworks at Aibonito, Porto Rico – Aug 1898. American soldiers would capture them and bring them home as a souvenir. This is just such an example.

Code: 50279


1860 .44 Cal percussion Army Colt for Civilian Market

Here we offer a classic firearm of the civil war era and early days of the wild west. Many soldiers or their family members would buy their own hand gun privately on the civilian market before they set off to war. This fact is proven in countless studio portrait photos of the period. Further, as the west opened during the 1860s, these reliable handguns were purchased for self defense by cowboys, lawmen and settlers prior to the introduction of the more reliable cartridge firearms.

This civilian pistol has held up well over the years with its original wood grip fitting tight and showing the slightest of wear. The frame, cylinder and barrel are free of pitting or corrosion, with some minor surface dents and scratches, retaining about 60% of its original finish. The action is mechanically functional and tight. The image on the cylinder is still visible and there is some dirt and minor corrosion around the percussion nipples. There are no government marshal inspector marks on this firearm that would indicate it is military issue. It has crisp and clear maker marks on the top of the octagonal 7" barrel "Address Col Sam Colt - New York - US America", with matching serial #182457. The .44 Cal. bore is clear of rust or pitting, with its groves showing minimal wear. A nice example of a classic civil war era antique firearm.

(The frame pin has not been removed to check the serial number, these slides are rarely matched to the gun and no guarantee is offered here that it matches the frame or cylinder.)

Code: 50074

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