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WWII German Red Cross Hewer/Dagger

A unique form of dagger issued to German Red Cross personnel for parades and walking out. More of a medical instrument than a weapon of war. An interesting original blade for an institution that was supposed to be a civic life saving service, from the darkest years of Germany's history. One of the duties of the the Red Cross was in theory the responsibility and oversight of the fair, humane and reasonable care of POWs. They lost credibility pretty fast. In overall great condition with a small mar on the hilt pictured. The blade is perfect as is the scabbard, comes with a perfect black frog for parade wear. A nice clean example, hard to improve on.

Code: 50591


WWII HG Panzer M43 Cap

Here we offer another cap to an elite unit of the German military. The famous black M43 cap was introduced for wear by all tank crews and was a favorite by the armoured troops.

This particular example is unique from the more common army caps in that it has the following distinct Luftwaffe manufacturing details: The liner is the typical airforce blue silk lining; the single buttoned flap on the front has a Luftwaffe blue-grey button; and the eagle insignia is that of the airforce with the typical tri-colour roundel, but in black.

The manufacture is typical of the M43 in that it has an all black wool body, the longer visor, it has the flaps for cold weather with pull tabs on the underside of the flaps. There is one addition seen more often on Officer caps, a leather lining at the fron of the cap, maybe a custom request by an NCO. The only marking is a size stamp in dark blue ink and the insignia is all original with the "V" stitch that all collectors look for in an original untouched example, the button is with original thread, no mothing and in great condition. The HG Division fought in Sicily and Italy, and left for Russia after Anzio where it fought extensively , surrendering finally in Berlin in 1945. (The insignia is deliberately distorted for PC reasons, but in perfect condition. Please ask for pics if you want to be sure).

Code: 50506

2100.00 CAD

WWII Mountain Troop Bergmutze

This is an excellent example of a WWII German Mountain Troop cap known as a Bergmutze. It has the classic high peak, T insignia, correct edelweiss badge, short visor, no pull tabs and a leather lining at the front of the cap. All indicators of an original issue pattern cap to this elite force. The maker label is clearly marked and dated 1944. You could not ask for a better example, moth free and near mint. (the insignia is deliberately distorted for PC reasons, if you want a clear pic feel free to ask).

Code: 50505

1500.00 CAD

15th Century Nobukuni Samurai Katana

This sword has been inspected and is signed on the tang with the signature of Nobukuni. This is not likely first generation, but likely third dating to the mid 1400s. The blade is clean and well balanced, but with some issues. There are some minor scratches, a small chip and someone has etched a design into the blade later in its life. This does not make the sword any less an original period sword, it just is not the high quality that purists with deep pockets are looking for in a sword. For the novias this sword has history, a real blade made by a well known school of sword smiths. The iridescent scabbard has a pattern in it very distinct and in good condition with insect theme decoration. It has two small knives/daggers mounted either side of the scabbard. An honest piece priced right for the beginner collector looking for a decent example of a real sword.

Code: 50460

2000.00 CAD

Japanese Short Sword with Shino Gunto blade

The shin guntō (新軍刀, new military sword) was a weapon and symbol of rank used by the Imperial Japanese Army between the years of 1935 and 1945. During most of that period, the swords were manufactured at the Toyokawa Naval Arsenal. This example is a shortened version with a stylized blade and fairly decent hardware and scabbard. The parts are mismatched with various styles of creatures on the handle and parts. It includes a small knife with a very interesting handle. The blade is clean and sharp. An inexpensive example of a short sword made in the 20th century.

Code: 50459

800.00 CAD

16th Century unsigned Samurai Katana

Offered here is a 16th Century Samurai sword unsigned with mismatched parts. Japanese swords are made with great care and given their own character through their owners with specific imagery added to the furniture of the sword. The various parts of the sword all have specific names and are decorated with birds, insects, reptiles, or other creatures and usually the theme is reflected in all the parts of the handle, guard and scabbard. In this case the sword has dragon flies on both sides of the grip and other parts, yet the guard or Tsuba has white cranes. The ray or shark skin grip has a crack through its length, but is other wise undamaged. The sword has been inspected and no signature can be found, it is clean and the weight and balance of the sword shows decent craftsmanship of the period. All the parts are real, and the sword was appraised by a well known local collector familiar with such arms. Not perfect, but priced right if you are looking for an old sword with character.

Code: 50458


A late War Railway Jr Officer Dirk

This is a fine example of a late war Railway Junior Officer's dirk from WWII. The railway played a major role in the Japanese war effort, not only on the islands of Japan, but the Chinese Manchurian rail lines as well. These officials patrolled the railway stations, passenger and cargo cars and ensured security during their shuttle.

Most of these blades were highly decorative in the 1930s and early 40s, with sharkskin scabbards and floral designs on the clasps and drag. This example has some late war austerity in its construction. The clasps are plain and the scabbard is wrapped with a very cheaply made wood scabbard wrapped in thin leather with a high polished surface. The chaps are in good shape, but the leather has scuffs and scratches in a number of locations, but not enough to take away from the presentation of the item.

This rare dirks is approximately 19" long in it's scabbard, with a 11.5" steel blade having a Samurai sword form profile. This example has a decent bright steel blade with very minor pitting in some small areas near the tip and the hilt. Usually these blades are found on the market in rough shape. The hilt is wrapped in a black ray skin with copper wire and intact gilt national flower on each side. The guard is also gilded with a clasp that, in this case, does not function properly. The hanger rings are original to the dirk and are in good condition. The blade is a perfect fit and the dirk overall presents well. A great addition to a War time Japanese blade collection.

Code: 50076

2500.00 CAD

German Captain's Artillery Boards WWII

A standard pattern set of boards that have been in the weather with some bleeding of red dye into the subdued silver bullion thread. They have been in the field. Complete and matching set.

Code: 50203

150.00 CAD