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German Captain's Artillery Boards WWII

A standard pattern set of boards that have been in the weather with some bleeding of red dye into the subdued silver bullion thread. They have been in the field. Complete and matching set.

Code: 50203

150.00 CAD

A late War Railway Jr Officer Dirk

This is a fine example of a late war Railway Junior Officer's dirk from WWII. The railway played a major role in the Japanese war effort, not only on the islands of Japan, but the Chinese Manchurian rail lines as well. These officials patrolled the railway stations, passenger and cargo cars and ensured security during their shuttle.

Most of these blades were highly decorative in the 1930s and early 40s, with sharkskin scabbards and floral designs on the clasps and drag. This example has some late war austerity in its construction. The clasps are plain and the scabbard is wrapped with a very cheaply made wood scabbard wrapped in thin leather with a high polished surface. The chaps are in good shape, but the leather has scuffs and scratches in a number of locations, but not enough to take away from the presentation of the item.

This rare dirks is approximately 19" long in it's scabbard, with a 11.5" steel blade having a Samurai sword form profile. This example has a decent bright steel blade with very minor pitting in some small areas near the tip and the hilt. Usually these blades are found on the market in rough shape. The hilt is wrapped in a black ray skin with copper wire and intact gilt national flower on each side. The guard is also gilded with a clasp that, in this case, does not function properly. The hanger rings are original to the dirk and are in good condition. The blade is a perfect fit and the dirk overall presents well. A great addition to a War time Japanese blade collection.

Code: 50076

3400.00 CAD